Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Ramblings

It's not the same as it once was. There isn't that spark, that want, that need. She still loves him, but that love has converted into something less. Bits and pieces of it have fallen away into shadows where they will, more than likely, stay lost without ever being found. She thought it was better that way; a more honest way of living. Without him she was overall, a better person, even if that left her a bit...well, unhappier. The thought of living without him tore her apart, but if she didn't think about him, she didn't think of living without him and that left her puzzle complete, creating that one missing piece where he should have been. Completion found within a void...if that made sense.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


I am beyond tired tonight. I couldn't even begin to explain the busy week I've had and work today just topped it off. I haven't been able to pull my thoughts into one place for a long enough period to write anything this week. I'm disappointed in myself for that, I feel like I sacrifice to much of myself and what I really love at times. I've had a few things on my mind that I just want to rid myself of. Like one, Brandon Heath's song 'Love Never Fails' is now playing on K-Love. I know it sounds ridiculous, especially since he's my favorite musician...but it just makes me plain out mad. That was my song, it belonged to me and part of the reason it was so special to me was because it wasn't 'out' there, being heard everyday by millions of other people. I got married to that song, I walked down the aisle to the beautiful music and lyrics about the truest love. I guess it shouldn't matter to me if it is now 'known'. But I liked it better when it was just mine and my husbands, when every word was known by us and the rest of the world didn't know it. Oh well.

In other news, Mason has been sleeping through the night. He's a mommy's boy though. The moment I get up he cries and yelps until I come get him...and he listens to me. When Jeremy tries to tell him to do something he does just the opposite. It's kind of funny. He'll get the hang of things eventually, he's only a baby still!

In exactly two weeks I will be boarding our cruise ship and prepare to head towards the Carribean. WOOHOO. I need a vacation in the worst way. I need some time with my husband especially. Just us. No worries, no work, no hw.

Which reminds me. Two more weeks of school. Four more days of classes. I could count them down now. I can't wait to start next quarter. I take my first accounting class...and I'm also taking a humanities class that revolves around Bible study. I'm extremely excited for both of them.

Oh! And before then I get to go do some shopping. Get some new flippies and sundresses and summer clothing. Oh to be in the warmth of the sun! I so will be sporting a sunburn when I come home from spring break!

It's bedtime for me. If you asked me what I just wrote here, I probably couldn't tell you. I am truly beyond exhausted and for the first time in awhile, I have fought sleep long enough to accomplish a little bit of something. Either way though, church will come early tomorrow morning. So happy weekend everyone. =)