Saturday, November 26, 2011

This Week

This week I vow to get many things done!

I vow to get at least 2 more Christmas presents bought.
I vow to finish and mail all of my crochet orders.
I vow to take Henry's four month pictures...or at least the one in the chair.
I vow to also find him a Christmas outfit, as the dinner is Sunday.
I vow to find some awesome wrapping paper and start wrapping gifts.
I vow to print all of my pictures from the last month.
I vow to scrub the bathroom floor, kitchen cabinets and windows.

I vow to let myself slide on that last vow a bit.

I vow to start Henry on a better schedule, even if I have to get up way to early everyday.
I vow to make at least two more patches of baby food, I'm sure he's getting sick of cereal, peas and sweet potatoes.
I vow to do my best to capture Henry's little laugh on video camera.
I vow to spend everyday playing, cuddling and learning with my little man as much as possible.

(Hey, you can get a lot done in nap time!)

I vow not to complain that I'm tired, my body aches, my head hurts or again, I'm tired... even if I am. It's Christmas time!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Busy Season

It's been a little while since I blogged. I've been keeping extremely busy and it seems that each day goes by faster than the last. I'm clinging to the last days of fall and hoping and praying that I will see no major snow for at least a couple more weeks. I feel like autumn came and went faster than I could catch it. I missed all the pretty leaf photos and I didn't even carve a pumpkin, although I did decorate a few early on.

I've been crocheting like a mad women. Upon deciding that I'd go ahead and try to sell a few things, I took on so many orders that I've still got about five to finish and get shipped. I will say that it was all an answered prayer though. With Christmas coming up, we could definitely use the extra money to splurge on some family gifts. I am excited to get back to the point of just enjoying making a few things just for myself and Henry though. As soon as I get caught up, I think the orders will be farther in between and I can make a few more new designs and such.

We had our first experience with baby-food this past week. I made my first batch with my new food processor and was thrilled at how much I could make from one sweet potato. Henry has done very well with it. He has one tooth that's came in on the right side of his mouth and another that's almost through right in front. He's ready to do some chompin! I look forward to his next doctors appointment to see how much he's grown lately.

On a negative note, I'm fairly certain that he's developed Jeremy's milk allergy. I finally broke down a couple of days ago and decided that I wasn't going to try to pump anymore. Today will be the first day that I haven't pumped at all and it kind of saddens me. But, I went ahead and pulled the milk I had frozen and have been giving Henry more formula each day. As I did so, I noticed that after his formula bottles (I've tried a couple different brands and kinds of formula) he would just projectile vomit it all back up within 15 minutes. He's been super fussy lately too. I thought it was just because he was teething but last night I had Jeremy stop and get some soy-based formula and I've given that to him today and he's been an entirely different baby. I'm just going to keep an eye on the situation and then bring it up at his next appointment. He doesn't seem to be extra hungry or anything so I don't think it's anything to worry way too much about right now.

Between being a mommy, wife and working at work and on my crochet orders, I haven't had a whole lot of extra time. I've been itching to do some different crafts and tonight I finally got around to making the sugar scrubs that I've been dying to make lately. I must say, they turned out awesome. I can't wait to give some of them as gifts!

Did I mention that Henry is going to be 4 months old in just a couple of days?? Where the heck does the time go?!?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Favorite

My favorite photo in the last month has to be this one of Henry in his pumpkin. I wanted so bad a picture of Henry in a pumpkin (they're only little once) but he really seemed to like playing in and exploring all the different textures around him. I'm entering it into the paper mama photo challenge this week.

The Paper Mama