Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Signs of Spring

This weeks prompt on Focus 52 was 'Signs of Spring'. Here's a few that I've found already. I may add more later!

My cilantro is growing. I can't wait to make salsa with it this summer!

Our dogwood (I think?) is blooming!

Deep Breaths : An Update of Sorts

I haven't really blogged much lately. I have my reasons. When I was younger I found it easier to write when I was upset or hopeful of the future, especially when the future seemed so far away. Now I hate writing when I'm upset. It does help get things off of my chest, but I feel like the world has enough issues. They don't need to have mine as well. I guess I want to 'be what I want to see in the world.' Yeah, I know...wishful thinking.

I've had a heavy heart over the possibility of my best friends moving away lately and the fact that Jeremy and I don't have one day to spend off together has been getting to me too. But, I've been working on my feelings about our friends and Jeremy and I have been making more of a point to spend our evenings together doing something together instead of just watching TV or working on separate projects in an attempt to try and get the house together as quickly as possible.

Soo...it's okay. Deep breaths and moving on. That's all we can do most of the time anyway!

I really can't complain about my life. I am blessed. So, so blessed. Henry is doing so well. He's standing on his own for short periods of time now and attempting his first shaky steps here and there as well. He's eating solid foods solely now so it's nice not having to make baby food. Plus I can munch on the steamed fruit and veggies that I cut up for him. He knows and says 'mama' and it melts my heart when he yells for me across a room and I know that he's actually looking for me instead of just jabbering. He knows 'dada' and 'baba' as well, which is cute but not quite as heart melting, haha.When he curls up in my arm at night, twists his little fingers in my hair and closes his sleepy eyes, I often wonder how I ever had a life with any meaning before him. He just fills every corner of my heart with joy and love. I can't wait to have another. We're trying...but it just hasn't happened yet.

We will be getting a new four-legged addition this coming weekend! Mason will be getting a new little brother of his own species as soon as he's ready to part with his mama. We haven't decided on a name quite yet (it's like an hour and a half drive there so we will probably decide on the ride down like last time) but I cannot wait to meet him. He is black, gray, white and tan...a beautiful dapple coat and full-blooded just like Mason. I'm not sure I'm real excited about puppy training again, but we're trying to get the yard cleaned up and fenced again as quick as we can so they have a full yard to run and play in. 

I cannot believe how much junk one family could pile up and store in one yard. Jeremy has been working every night he's home and all of his weekend's off to get things put together outside and it still barely looks like we've put a dent in a lot of things. Eventually it will all be done. My goal is to have the majority of things finished by Henry's birthday. I'd like to have his party in the backyard if possible so we will see!

Overall, life is good as always. I've got two weddings to photograph in the next two weekends and a senior session. Then I have two maternity sessions and two newborn sessions in the coming months. I'm pretty excited. I feel like my little business is slow growing...but at least it's growing. I don't really care if I ever have a huge photography business, it's something I love to do and so I will always do it regardless, but it sure wouldn't hurt income wise. Mostly I want to be comfortable and experienced enough to give my clients great photographs. Too many photographers have a long list of clients who think they're getting great photos but  in reality, they're just getting 'sharp' images with enhanced eyes. I hate to judge others, especially their photography, but no one should just pick up a camera and start charging people full-price for photos until they've had quite a bit of experience and a quality of photos that represent professionalism. I myself, do not feel like I'm at that level, which is why I charge accordingly. I don't know, people just irk me.

Anyway...Henry and I need to get our day started. I've spent too much time typing this, haha. Have a blessed Tuesday. <3

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nine Months Deep

Henry will turn 9 months old tomorrow. I can't believe 9 months has come and gone so quickly, it seems like just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital and welcomed him to the world. I took the opportunity to take some photos of him yesterday while I was visiting my family down south. It's always nice to have a new location to explore and use.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

This Photo

This photo makes me sigh,
it makes me take a second glance,
and it makes me realize that he's growing up.

This photo captures him perfectly,
his curious personality,
and that wonder in his eyes.

This photo is...

what my heart must look like
from the inside.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

As of Late

Life has been... slower.

It's been more family, fun, play based rather than work based.

It's been nice.

The house isn't in a much different state than what it was a week or so ago (hey we have the rest of our lives, right?) and besides yard work, a lot of the house work has even gone undone.

I'm still excited for all of our little projects. But a lot of them take a lot of time, a lot of effort and a little money. All of which we lack a bit of here and there.

I've just tried to focus on my beautiful son at the stage that he's in now, before he's walking and running and being even more independent. I don't want to miss even a moment.

I take a bazillion photos a day and share the ones that I love and enjoy the most with my family and friends. Sure, that might me anywhere from 1 to 50 a day...but hey, it's what I love.

Otherwise, I've missed Jeremy since his two week vacation is over and he's returned to school and work and I've been trying to cook more - there's something about having your own kitchen that makes you want to fill it with wonderful food.

I made .... a heck of a whole lot ... of baby food last night and then tacos. Tonight I'm making mashed potatoes and meatloaf. I actually sat down and planned out my meals for the first time in a long time and when I went to the store I spent at least $30 less than what I normally would and I swear I got twice as much.

I actually sat down and crocheted Henry a new hat last night too.

It feels nice to get back into a sort of swing of things.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Happy Easter!

Wishing you a Happy Easter from our family to yours! May the season remind you of Christ's sacrifice, love and mercy.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Ovenshire Remodel: Day 12

Well, we've officially moved in (sort of)!

Tonight will make our 4th night in our house. The first night was rough for me, I hate adjusting to new places, new noises... etc. Henry and Jeremy seemed to sleep just fine though. Stinky is loving the place, he's basking in the simple fact that the dog cannot and will not even try to learn how to get up the stairs so he can escape whenever he wants to get away from him. Mason is enjoying the backyard, chasing birds and trying out every cushion on our new couches. Henry is loving all the new room to crawl and I can already tell I'm going to have a time with him when he starts walking. He's a handful!

We've made a few new purchases so far; the couches, the entertainment center, the rug and lots and lots of little things here and there. I've loved every last one of them and every time we put something else in a room it makes it feel more and more like home. Our kitchen is completely finished minus a few bar-stools and the bathroom and living room is pretty close behind it. I haven't even started on our room or Henry's (although right now they're combined). My biggest concern is the main living areas, the yard and then the rest of the house. First I have to finish unpacking totes and boxes, which has proved to be more work than what I ever imagined it would be.

Overall things are coming together. We're all happy and looking forward to bonfires and cookouts in the backyard. We are so blessed and we know it!