Thursday, May 31, 2012


I find it strange as a women who has experienced a pregnancy full of difficulties and complications as well as a birthing experience that was drawn-out, painful and difficult to long to experience it all all over again.

Let me say, I've been asked lately why it is that I'm so open about my life. The exact words were something along the lines of 'aren't you afraid that you're sharing too much?' and my answer is no! I will not live in fear of what others may think of me or my life. I am fine with the judgement that they may or may not deliver on me and my family. I am just sharing our journey and hoping that our experiences may be a help to another person or family. And even if they are not - one day this blog will serve as a small documentation of our lives and I will be grateful for that. So with that said...

Jeremy and I have been welcoming the idea of a second child almost from the day that Henry was born. We had discussed and decided when we found out we were having Henry, the difference of age we would prefer with our children and coming from a fairly large family where there is very little age difference between some of us and a very large age difference between the rest, I know I would prefer my children to be closer in age. However, welcoming the idea or not - it has yet to happen.

I'm okay with that. We live in a true belief that everything happens on God's timing and while some things are harder to hand over to God than other's, we usually manage fairly well. To say that I worry much on a daily basis would be an inaccurate statement as I live an almost completely stress and worry free life most of the time. I have true comfort in ALL things because I know the One who is in control - and that may be one of the greatest gifts I have ever grasped in my lifetime.

Still, I am excited and anxious for the day that we find out that baby #2 is on the way. Although I know that my pregnancy will be miserable at times, I am so excited to carry a little one in my womb again. Although there may be more complications and things may not be easy, I also know that God will take care of us and our babies - however many there may be.

Life is such a beautiful blessing and I've been in such awe lately at the little things that He blesses us with that we all too often over look. God is so good and He has been especially good to us.

Right now...

I'm attempting to keep up with a 10 month old...

Trying to plan for my very first mini-shoot...

Editing my heart out...

And wishing I was somewhere that I'm not...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wash and Repeat

We've had a trend in the Ovenshire household the last few days. It seems like every time we turn around, Mr. Henry has gotten himself into some sort of mess. Even today I've given Henry a total of 4 baths and there's still a couple hours of the day left!

I started feeling absolutely horrible the last few hours of work yesterday and I think he may have a touch of what I do, although it hasn't really gotten him down too much. We've spent the majority of day laying on the couch and I have to admit that I feel a little better tonight.

Hopefully I make a full recovery by tomorrow because I have a couple session in the evening that I'm pretty excited about! Plus, it's not exactly easy to chase a 10 month old around when you feel so horrible. It's been a long day.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


This week's Focus52 prompt was 'delicious'. I had a ton of ideas (I was going to bake brownies) and I SWEAR I just got busy and didn't get around to it...

Either way. Henry will turn 1 year old in exactly 8 weeks. That gives me JUST enough time to get all of the fun and fantastic favors, decorations, deserts, etc... ready for his party.

If you know me you know that I LOVE to entertain. But I'm so anal about all the details that my husband is lucky that I don't ask him to paint the house to match my theme. (Okay, that's a bit extreme, but still)

So Henry's party is going to be a 'puppy' party and the colors are going to be brown, tan, red, black and white. So if it isn't brown, tan, red, black or white, it's immediately vetoed.

I'm not joking.

ANYWAY! Here's another form of delicious. I'm putting together a mini candy bar for Henry's guests. This is what I have so far, with the exception of paw-print chocolate suckers, I still have to make those.

Mmmm...delicious.  ;-)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Henry is 10 Months

Henry turned 10 months old on Saturday and I didn't get a chance to blog like I had hoped, so I figured -better late than never. I'm amazed at how different 10 months is from 9 months for us. Henry is doing new things, realizing so much and becoming this spunky, funny little boy more and more everyday.

At 10 months of age, Henry:

Eats with a fork and spoon - even though most of the time the food falls off before it gets to his mouth.
Completely feeds himself. He hates for us to try and feed him, he is just so independent.
Carries a blanket with him every where and will absolutely NOT go to sleep without one.
Says "Mama, Dad (yes, dad...he rarely says 'dada'), Num (which I think is his version of 'Yum') and jibber jabbers almost non-stop.
Growls at the dogs.
Chews/sucks on his binky upside down.
Took his very first steps for Daddy on Saturday (go figure, I missed it).
LOVES strawberries and turkey.
Will smile and laugh anytime that I start to sing 'The Boat Song' to him. It's our song. <3
Knows the word no and what it means although he tests us constantly with it.
Truly enjoys dumping the dogs' food and water dishes before I can get to them in the morning.
Smiles for the camera.  =)
Loves to give hugs but will only give kisses to Mommy - and only when he wants to.
Laughs at the dogs constantly, tries to hug on them and play with them and would do anything to be around them.
Wishes he could be outdoors at all times. If a door is open for even a second, he's out of it like a rocket.
Smiles and laughs 80% of the day - he's such a happy boy.
Still only has 2 bottom teeth - with four top trying to pop through.
Loves to take a bath but hates to get dressed and hates to have his diaper changed.
Doesn't really care for television, but will sit and explore the pages of his books for a long while.
Is good most of the time, but can throw a horrible temper-tantrum fit at times when he doesn't get his way.
Would eat everything he picked up if you let him.
Loves to play with shoes.
Hates having his face and hands washed off.
Tries to climb EVERYTHING and has figured out how to climb up the sides of his playpens, rendering it ineffective.
Snuggles close when he's tired but prefers to go to sleep on his own these days.
Turns upside down in the bed every night - I think just so he can kick mom and dad in the face from time to time.
Wakes up wayyyy too early and goes to sleep wayyyy too late and then refuses to take more than one nap a day. (I think he's afraid he's going to miss something)
Is a wonderful, funny, curious little boy who God knew would bless my life in ways that I could never have imagined.

I can't wait to see what the coming months will bring.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Busy, busy

Did anyone ever tell you that the older you get, the faster that time goes by?'s true! And it sucks! If time is going this quickly while I'm 24, I can't imagine how quickly it will go when I'm 50 or even 60.

It seems like every day is another race to get things done. The list goes on and on and on and while I mark one or two things off, I have to add three or four more.

I feel as if I spend the majority of my day anymore answering emails and phone calls that get me no where, chasing around a 10 month old who is in to EVERYTHING and cleaning up after two dogs who tend to be just as in to things as the baby. I wouldn't trade it for anything though, I live a very happy, blessed life.

I'm excited about some upcoming opportunity's - business and personal wise - and I'm hoping that time will slow down just a bit. I'd really love to enjoy the summer, spend some alone time with my husband and celebrate my little one's first year of life with family and friends without having to gasp for breath.

Life is just so short, we've truly got to make the best of it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

And then there were...6!

We're having triplets!!

Haha. Just kidding.

I just realized that I never blogged about Cohen joining our little family.

He's a real cutie. Since Mason became a part of our family and we fell in love with the dachshund breed, I've always wanted a dapple. Their unique coloring is just to die for and I love the idea of knowing that there's no other dog out there that looks just like him.

It took us FOREVER to name him. But after a lot of thought and consideration, we finally picked the name Cohen. I don't know how in the world we came up with it, but it seems to fit him perfect now. It's so fun to watch him and Mason play, Mason is so gentle with him. He makes a really great big-brother pup. I think they already love each other.

Cohen really loves Henry too although I think Henry could do without Cohen sometimes. This is mostly due to tiny puppy teeth and Cohen's constant obsession with being with Henry all the time. It's cute though. There's not much cuter than a boy and his pup.

He fits right in and it's nice...but that queen sized bed sure is feeling a bit more snug. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that in the next couple weeks we'll be upgrading to a king.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Come. Sit. Stay.

I've been working on Henry's 1st birthday invites today and here is my rough draft. I'm pretty proud, I think it turned out great! I'm not sure of the exact date or time yet (although it will be either the 22nd or the 23rd) but I'm so excited. I have a lot of fun dog-themed ideas and plans and a guest list a mile long. The next couple months can drag...but I can't wait for the party!

Friday, May 04, 2012


I'm going to write this post and probably regret it, but whatever. Truth is, I'm pretty broken hearted right now. Please don't tell me to get over it and please don't tell me your opinion. I don't care. This is how I feel and I am entitled to feel however the heck I want.

The thing is, every time I get close to someone, they leave.

I know that sounds like a little bit of a stretch, but it's 90% true. In my life the story goes that I finally let someone into my life, I share intimate details, come to care for them (really care for them) and they leave.

I can pretend I don't care but I do.

It hurts - really, really hurts.

I'm not typing this to make anyone feel bad. Or to attempt to change anyone's mind about decisions they've made. I'm just so exhausted, so frustrated, so angry and so sad about how much of myself I give to other people just to watch them walk away with that little part of me.

I know God has something great in store and I will just pray for another good friend to share dinner and conversation with but it still doesn't stop the sting of watching someone I love walk away again. I guess this time I'm having a harder time picking up the pieces and putting them all back together again.