Monday, November 30, 2015


Holy cow, where has 2015 gone? Is anyone with me?

Life has changed a bit around here lately...

Henry has learned a ton since starting preschool and he is constantly wanting to learn more. Lately his curiosity has been drawn to spelling. He in no way 'gets' how to spell words, but he's very interested in us spelling them out for him. He loves to sound things out and point out the specific letters. We've started incorporating basic math skills and he totally understands the concept of adding and subtracting things. He also loves to build and create and make things out of recycled material, I love his creative little mind.

Jeremy took a new job at our local community college. To say this is a big change for us (especially for him) is a huge understatement. Every goal and plan we had for the future changed in an instant. A lot of schooling seems to be in both of our futures and I'm looking forward to the day that I get to call him 'Teach'. I'm still a little sad to think that he walked away from Ray's (although he's still working there a few hours a day to help out the owner) and that this surely means we won't be taking it over in the future. However, this new opportunity was huge and my is so excited about being in a teaching environment, sharing his knowledge for something he's passionate about.

Baby fever is high and mighty although there is no sign of us being able to get pregnant anytime soon. Jeremy seems to have come more to terms than this than myself. I want another baby terribly and yes, we are blessed to have one beautiful, happy, healthy boy. I'm still not ruling out adoption, and I'm actually thinking that when Henry gets a little older, we may even be able to take on a couple college/transfer students throughout the year.

I applied for a new position at work and my interview is Thursday. I'm nervous as hell, mostly because I'm on the fence on whether I want the job at all but hoping with all my might that I get it. The thing is that I'm not sure how much I'll enjoy the actual new position versus my current one, but the hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday and I really, REALLY would love to have that extra family time and a REAL schedule. It would be the first time since I had Henry that Jeremy and I would be working the same hours and we would know what the expect work wise week to week.

Wish me luck I suppose!

Anything new with you guys? Hope you're all well.

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