Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Like This

Life is what you make it. It's not about what you own or how much money you make but knowing what's important to you and making sure that those things come first in your life.

Jeremy and I have had a lot of conversations about what is important to us lately. On the top of that list is God, our little family together is second. Those are the bigs things, the things that we are unwilling to compromise for. Then there are little things, things like where we live, where we work, what other people think of us in life and how to make every day just work.

We may not have everything we want but we're happy and that's the most important part. We refuse not to make it on our own and I know part of that's a pride thing but I grew up watching people around me abuse 'the system' and taking every hand out they could find and I absolutely refuse to be that way. If we can't figure out a way to make it on our own then we don't deserve to make it at all.

I'm thankful to have a husband who's so thrifty and willing to compromise and sacrifice for the greater good. I'm thankful that God has allowed us to live so comfortably so far in our marriage and on a monthly basis we somehow manage to save as much money as we spend. There's a crazy amount of security in a savings account, as silly as that sounds.

I guess it's hard sometimes to ignore the little voices of the world. Little voices that are sometimes the voices that are close to you but just can't see the same way you do. We're all different and a lot of times I just want to stamp 'GOD APPROVED' on some of the decisions we make that others find foolish. We are a family of prayer and no decisions are made before being presented and approved by our God.

Things aren't always easy. We have our struggles but thank God, we know no struggle is more than we can get through. I am just straight up thankful for our little apartment, our jobs, our vehicles and our life together...even when others keep telling us it's not good enough. I mean, look at it this way; it's our life, not their's and quite frankly it works for us. We pay close to nothing in rent, we have no car payment, no concern every month whether or not our bills are going to get paid. Our jobs allow us to have the freedom we need to do the things that mean the most to us while providing us with what we need income wise.

If that makes us foolish than so be it. I just wish the little voices would sometimes keep their opinions to themselves.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Answered Prayer

So we've been praying a lot lately, praying that God would find a way for me to leave my job so that I can begin to prepare for little Henry to enter the world. Working 45+ hours a week just isn't going to be possible with a newborn, especially when I have to fight just to get a day off to go to my doctor's appointments. So I started applying elsewhere, not really knowing what I was looking for or knowing what direction God was going to lead us, but I prayed that I'd find something that would give me the freedom I needed to be with my precious son but still bring in enough income for Jeremy and I to live comfortably.

So then Lowes called about three weeks ago. I went in for an interview with them and they pretty much offered me a seasonal cashier job; something that wasn't really going to help our situation much but may be a stepping stone in the right direction. We pondered it and prayed about it and it just seemed wrong so I turned it down. Two days ago however, they called me back. Told me that they had posted a part-time position as a customer service rep and that they would be very interested in hiring me for the position if I wanted to apply for it. So I did, not really knowing the details but keeping faith that this could possibly be a little Godwink.

They called me again tonight to tell me that I had the job, I got the details and it's PERFECT. I'll be working right around 30 hours a week with the possibility of more if I want more. The best part is that it's only 3 days a week, the weekend (which kind of sucks) but at the same time is kind of perfect. I'll have Monday through Thursday off to spend with Henry (I"ll get to be a stay at home momma!!!) and then he'll have to go see his grandparents on Friday and half a day on Saturday but then he'll get to spend the whole day with daddy on Sunday. I couldn't be happier. I'm still really disappointed that I'll have to work Sundays. I was really hoping to get them off. But at the same time, I know that God works in mysterious ways and this is exactly what I was praying for. Perhaps we'll just have to take up all the Wednesday night activities at church instead.

Either way, I am so excited. I am just....well, elated. I can't wait for my little man to get here and spend all those precious moments with him that I have been in fear of missing for months now. Wow, God is good. =)