Sunday, October 23, 2016


Twenty-nine; the last year of calling myself a 'twenty-something', and one more year of experience behind me.

Am I older and wiser? Apparently not, as I'm nursing a pounding headache and queasy stomach from one-too-many drinks last night. (Water, Jennifer, water... you should know this by now!)

Consider it my last big toast to what has been a pretty routine year.

The important thing was that I had an absolute blast. I celebrated with so many wonderful friends and we talked and laughed and ate and spent hours together just being. This morning we gathered around my kitchen table and ate the huge breakfast I prepared and I felt full. Completely.

My heart is full.

The next year is already half-planned, half-filled. However, as my favorite band put it so well...

"And all I know is that I still don't know a lot. I don't know how it end, I'm in the middle of this plot."

All in God's plan, God's time.

I am so extremely blessed.

Here's to twenty-nine, getting older, and loving every minute of it.