Monday, June 21, 2010

50 Little Things I've Learned Since I Married My Husband

50 Little Things I've Learned Since I Married My Husband - Number Two

"The ocean is overwhelming, scary and oh so very beautiful."

(A picture of the ocean from our cruise boat this past spring.)

Before I was married, I had never seen the ocean. I had never been to a real beach, where the water stretches farther than your eye can see and you feel so small, so insignificant in this big, huge world. I had never tasted salt water or seen waves crash against the shore. I had never seen a jelly-fish or surfers or jeeps down on the sand. I had never experienced any of it and although I imagined what it would be like many times over, I could have never imagined how it would feel for real.

For our honeymoon, we went to Daytona, Sanibel Island, Fort Meyers and a few other various places in Florida. I remember when we pulled up to our hotel, we got our room figured out and then we walked down to the beach. I was in awe, I was terrified and I was immediately humbled. The vastness of the water that stretched on and on and on. The simplicity of the fact that there was more of this than anything else on this earth. That if I was to move out into the water, I would become lost, just the tiniest part of our world. I got up every morning and watched the sunrise. I found jelly fish on the beach and picked up bits and pieces of seashells. (Until we got to Sanibel and I realized that I could collect buckets and buckets of full ones.) I immediately fell in love, even if I refused to go more than knee deep into the water.

I am eternally grateful to my husband for that experience. Water is so peaceful but it can also be so powerful, so terrifying. It's an amazing gift that God has given to us to enjoy and love. We recently went on a cruise and I experienced an entire new level of ocean. Standing on shore and looking out on it's vastness is one thing, but standing on deck and seeing nothing but ocean is another. It's overwhelming but beautiful. I will say though, there is no better sleep than a bed in the middle of a gently rocking boat.


  1. I love reading your words. :)

  2. Although I have never quite put it into words like that... I have had a very similiar feeling about the ocean - so powerful and peaceful all at the same time! It really just shouts of our amazing creator God:)

  3. I've always heard that just one person can make a big difference in our world. But, it truly makes you re-think that, when you look out across the ocean. You said it all, there's no feeling like it. I am lucky enough to take in that view everyday and I am always thankful.

    Your husband is also lucky to have an appreciative wife like you.

  4. Thanks so much guys...and you are totally right, Tootie, but each person is here for some purpose. If God didn't have a specific plan for our lives, then he wouldn't have bothered putting us here.


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.