Wednesday, June 23, 2010

50 Little Things That I've Learned Since I Married My Husband

50 Things I've Learned Since I Married My Husband - Number Four
"Sometimes all you need is a long, country drive."

I always knew that I was meant to live in the country. I've never really liked the city, I've always been more comfortable out in nature where things are still untouched and silent. I like knowing that when nightfalls, the sky is actually going to be dark and you'll be able to hear the cricket's gentle chirp. I never lived in the country though, I grew up in a small city where things were touched, but they weren't overdone. It was still peaceful at night, even if the streetlights kept your room lit up all the time. One day I hope to have a home with a cornfield behind it, a creek trickling somewhere close by, but until then we have to settle on renting. We live in a small village now...and things are peaceful, quiet. You can hear the crickets at night and there are very few streetlights to keep you awake. But when I want to get away, I've realized that a country drive cures all.

There is just something about driving in between cornfields, homes spread out farther than the eye can see, windows down and the people (and pets) you love most next to you that makes me smile. It's so peaceful, so serene and a perfect get-away when the day has been tough. I never understood the purpose of driving around aimlessly until I met my husband. After we started dating, a lot of our dates included just driving around, seeing what we could see and just enjoying one another. I've found that the best place to talk about things is in the car, away from traffic and the hustle-bustle of the world. Life is slower when you're away from everything that moves so fast. It's more peaceful and gentle.

Now I love country drives. I love watching the rows of cornfields as we pass them, the cows, horses, chickens. I love rolling down the window and just letting the wind kiss my face, play with my hair and cool me down in the summer. I love holding my husband's hand and cuddling Mason in my lap, singing along to my favorite song or just sitting in the silence. I love watching the sunset from the passenger seat and taking in all of the beauty that we pass.

A country drive can smooth over a rough day, quiet a busy mind, entertain when the evening seems boring and bring a closeness to your family when you're feeling a bit distance. There's nothing quite like it and I've found that sometimes a country drive is all you really need.


  1. I forgot how much I enjoy going for a drive for just the sake of a drive. Of course, it helps if you have a like minded traveler along. :) Thanks for the reminder, one of lifes simple pleasures.

  2. Thanks for the comment. =)


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