Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day - My Husband

I woke up extremely giddy this morning. It took me awhile, but I found my husband Father's Day cards from the cat and the dog. I was even lucky enough to find cards with a Siamese and a Dachshund. Talk about effort! I also managed to find one from myself that was just for a partner in pet parenting...silly I know, but I love it!

The truth is, this is our family right now. We baby our pets just like they're our children. We make weekend plans only if we can include them in some way because we feel bad about the attention that we can't give them during the week while we're at work. They mean so much to us.

I look forward to the day that my husband becomes a father (and me a mother, of course). But we're in no rush. We would rather take our time and enjoy one another for awhile. We have small issues that we need to work through, but I think we'll make good parents one day. I mean, our pets sure do adore us, that's saying something, right?

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