Friday, September 17, 2010


Waning and waxing; just like the moon.
Love follows the tides: In and Out, Up and Down.

I see you with new eyes. My heart skips when I hear your name and it flips when you walk into a room. Still. It took rationalizing, picturing and imagining walking away to tear away the last shred of life without you from my mind. And now I couldn't do it. Ever. I've lost all of who I am within what we've created. This life is the only one I know and what was before...well, it has vanished. There is no longer a 'me' and I no longer see a 'you'. There is only an 'us' and the rope that twines 'us' together is made of unbreakable twine. There's no seperating involved. It's impossible. The possibilities in the future are endless. The hopes for tomorrows are abundant. We are blessed. I cherish those moments that other's don't see; our morning devotional, our afternoon phone calls, our evening shower and our good night embrace. The love that has washed over our lives is not of this world. It is not explainable. It does not speak. It does not move. It simply binds and cleanses what is meant to be and what is meant to be is simply 'us'. Forever.

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  1. I wrote a nice comment, and did something wrong! It disappeared! I'm sorry! I love what you wrote!! :(

    ♥ Brandy B ♥


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