Saturday, September 04, 2010

Get Behind Me

'Get behind me, Satan!!' I've found myself saying this many times this week. He has been nipping at my heels every second that he possibly could. My prayer every morning has been for patience, kindness and love to fill my heart. It has been that gossip would not fall on my ears and that my mouth would speak evil of no one. It has been that others would see me as a gentle, positive person, excluding all negative aspects from their view and mine. It has been hard. Everything has went wrong. Too many people coming to me to vent, to gossip...

No coffee filters. Toliets stopping up. Drains overflowing. Orders being wrong. Shipments not arriving. Stock running out. People running late. Long days. Late nights. Early mornings.

Every day: 'Get behind me, Satan!' It has been such a long week but God carried me through and although I am tired, I know that He will never allow more to fall on my shoulders than what I can hande. I will continue to pray for patience, kindness and matter how rough of a week that Satan will dish out to me.

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