Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dreams Untold

I want to live in a cottage in the woods, the stone walls cool to the touch and the sound of the creek ever comforting my soul. My horses will graze freely in their pastures while my children will run freely without care.

Time will be abundant and troubles will never reach my doorstep. My favorite place to be will be the bench beneath the weeping willow, it's soft branches dancing in the breeze as the frogs sing along the water's edge. Whispers will never leave the ears of those who've heard and the air will be forever filled with music.

I won't worry. Dinner will be perfect, the house clean.

There will be weddings in the backyard and stories told around bonfires. Baseballs will be thrown, paint splattered, pictures taken and memories made.

Everything will be perfect, dreams will come true and life will continue into eternity.

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