Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adventures in Crocheting

I recently decided to take up crocheting. I don't know what people's usual reason is for taking up crocheting but mine was simple - I wanted to learn how to make all of these adorable hats for Henry without having to pay 20 plus dollars for one. I've always been one to take up little things like that anyway, it's that natural 'Suzy-homemaker' gene in me that I swear must mean I'm adopted. So I went out, I spent $2 on a hook and $3 on yarn and just started crocheting, looking up any and all information I thought I needed online and pinning it to Pinterest so it was easily located. (Have I mentioned how addicted I am to Pinterest, it's pretty much the most awesome site I've come across since Facebook or Flickr...seriously.)

So far I've made two hats and a scarf and surprisingly, they've all turned out really well. It wasn't until I was showing off Henry's little hats until I realized that people really love crochet hats. (Why this just came to me, I don't know. I mean, I love crochet hats!) I was even surprised to realize that it's not just women with little babies who like crochet hats - but people like my brothers like them as well. I now have a list of about 10 people who have requested that I make a crochet hat for them. Most are good friends and family so I wouldn't dream of charging them (besides, hello Christmas presents) but I think I may be on to something here. If other's can make a hat and charge 20 plus dollars for one. Why can't I?

So I'm going to spend the rest of this year practicing, making Henry little things and fulfilling the requests that I have had and then I think I may set up shop. I love etsy's website and it would also give me the opportunity to set up a few prints for sale as well. I've been looking for an opportunity to make a few extra dollars and I think this (and my random photo shoots) are a good start. Maybe one day we will find a way for me to primarily work from home and still bring in a decent paycheck. Maybe. I keep praying about it. I've also got a list of crafts (thank you Pinterest) that I think I could easily make and sell as well. I just have to get to it.

The hardest part is always starting, right?

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