Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I was tagged by my cousin Stephanie and it looked like fun so I'm playing along!

The Rules

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
4. Tag eleven people and link them on your post (I don't have 11 people so do what you can, with what you have).
5. Let them know you've tagged them.
Here are 11 fun facts about myself
1. I love cute socks and I'm totally okay with getting them at the Dollar Tree.
2. My favorite colors are orange, pink and green. In that order.
3. I love mornings. I love getting up when the house is silent and I can just focus on me and God.
4. I really do not like sleep. I like getting enough sleep but beyond that I get annoyed with people who take naps and sleep until noon. I feel like you're sleeping your life away.
5. I love old stuff. I love old jewelry, old bottles, old books, old furniture...well, you get the idea.
6. I'm totally crafty. My husband thinks I'm crazy most of the time but I can turn just about anything into something if you give me enough time.
7. I love to cook and most of the time I'm good at it. One day I'd really like to learn how to decorate cakes and such.
8. I love to write. I feel like you can express yourself so much better through written word than through spoken word - it's so much more thought out and in depth.
9. My favorite food is Skyline Chili. I just love it.
10. I get so annoyed with people who refuse to be original. March to your own drum and stop copying what everyone else is doing.
11. My greatest goal in life is to always give a person a chance. People are, for the most part, good and I think if you try hard enough, you can see the good in everyone.

Now on to 11 questions from Stephanie:

1. When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?
I'm usually browsing the internet, taking photos or crocheting.
2. What would you name the autobiography of your life?
Ripples and Waves - same as my blog. I think in life everything, big or small, effects you in some way - just like water.
3. What was the last movie, TV show or book that made you cry or tear up?
This is kind of hard to admit. I was watching 'My Fair Wedding' today and I seriously started bawling. I guess sometimes I wish my wedding would have been something more.
4. What story does your family always tell about you?
My grandmother is always telling me stories about when she grew up - the farm, the little school house she attended, her family and friends and all the simple yet wonderful times they had.
5. What is one of your favorite quotes?
My favorite saying is 'Love Never Fails' and one of these days I will have it tattooed on my foot like I've always wanted. As far as quotes go, I'm obsessed with quotes so picking one would be impossible.
6. What’s your favorite indoor/outdoor activity?
I love photography. Although I worked at a studio for about a year, I claim to be self-taught. If I learned anything while working at the studio, I learned that most people just want to put you in a box and then punish you for going outside of that box. I don't claim to be good and I'm still learning and building up some of the basics of the art but I love it - and that's all that matters.
7. What chore do you absolutely hate doing?
I HATE cleaning out the cat box. Matter of fact, it's my husband's only job.
8. What is your favorite form of exercise?
I love to go hiking. I love to get out and explore and find places that you can only go by foot.
9. What was your favorite food when you were a child?
I'm not really sure but there's lots of pictures of me dipping EVERYTHING into ketchup - so probably ketchup!
10. What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?
I'm usually not too crazy about bus rides; too many people in a confined space.
11. What sound do you love?
I love listening to the ocean, whether I'm actually there or not.

Now my questions for you ladies:

1. What is your greatest memory?
2. What is your favorite book?
3. How old were you when you started dating?
4. If you could go any place in the world, where would you go?
5. If you could have your dream home, what kind of home would it be?
6. Edward or Jacob?
7. If you knew you could pull it off, would you rather have long hair or short?
8. If you could choose an era to live in, what would it be?
9. What is the one thing you forget the most?
10. What is the number one thing on your wishlist right now?
11. Did you know that if I tagged you in this post you should smile because you are loved? =)

And now it's your turn Allison, Amber, and Roman and Asher's Momma!


  1. I I get a chance I am working on this! :) Must do homework and work work first lol

  2. thanks for the tag! it made me smile to see myself tagged as "Roman and Asher's Momma"! oh, and by the way - i'm Gillian :)


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