Thursday, May 31, 2012


I find it strange as a women who has experienced a pregnancy full of difficulties and complications as well as a birthing experience that was drawn-out, painful and difficult to long to experience it all all over again.

Let me say, I've been asked lately why it is that I'm so open about my life. The exact words were something along the lines of 'aren't you afraid that you're sharing too much?' and my answer is no! I will not live in fear of what others may think of me or my life. I am fine with the judgement that they may or may not deliver on me and my family. I am just sharing our journey and hoping that our experiences may be a help to another person or family. And even if they are not - one day this blog will serve as a small documentation of our lives and I will be grateful for that. So with that said...

Jeremy and I have been welcoming the idea of a second child almost from the day that Henry was born. We had discussed and decided when we found out we were having Henry, the difference of age we would prefer with our children and coming from a fairly large family where there is very little age difference between some of us and a very large age difference between the rest, I know I would prefer my children to be closer in age. However, welcoming the idea or not - it has yet to happen.

I'm okay with that. We live in a true belief that everything happens on God's timing and while some things are harder to hand over to God than other's, we usually manage fairly well. To say that I worry much on a daily basis would be an inaccurate statement as I live an almost completely stress and worry free life most of the time. I have true comfort in ALL things because I know the One who is in control - and that may be one of the greatest gifts I have ever grasped in my lifetime.

Still, I am excited and anxious for the day that we find out that baby #2 is on the way. Although I know that my pregnancy will be miserable at times, I am so excited to carry a little one in my womb again. Although there may be more complications and things may not be easy, I also know that God will take care of us and our babies - however many there may be.

Life is such a beautiful blessing and I've been in such awe lately at the little things that He blesses us with that we all too often over look. God is so good and He has been especially good to us.


  1. Jenn Jenn - I need to meet Henry BEFORE Baby #2, okay? I'm a horrible cousin as it is and if I have to meet 2 babies at once, I may just call myself a complete failure! ;)

  2. I'm super excited for you to have #2 !! Bt idk I anyone could be any cuter than Henry


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