Monday, June 11, 2012

Plain Tired

Do you ever get plain tired of things?

Today I have just been plain tired of EVERYTHING.

Plain tired of doing the dishes.
Plain tired of trying to keep up on the laundry.
Plain tired of trying to network and promote.
Plain tired of cleaning up after two dogs.
Plain tired of the weeds that never end.
Plain tired of the trash that ALWAYS seems full.
Plain tired of searching for my cell phone.
Plain tired of checking Facebook.
Plain tired of nothing being on tv.
Plain tired of trying so hard.

But even on days that I'm plain tired, I'm still thankful. Because even on days that I'm plain tired, I'm never plain tired of my little Henry or my Jeremy who mean so much to me. I am still extremely blessed and even when everything else gets me down, it can't pull me under.

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  1. I felt this same way in the beginning of my pregnancy. And by beginning, I mean the first 20 weeks. I made a vow that I would be less tired and more active in our home, our marriage and with my health the latter half. Sometimes it's just easier to be tired but if I stay tired for too long, I just have more on my plate.

    I am glad you can see the brighter side of being tired. You are the most amazing Momma and Wife.


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