Friday, June 22, 2012

What I Did Today

Other than pay bills, go to the grocery, do laundry and clean house - this is what I've done so far today. Well that and make a roast, which is smelling absolutely wonderful right about now. (Why yes, I'll accept the term Superwoman any time now!)

My good friend Jessica's and Henry's best pal and girlfriend is turning one next week and tomorrow is her birthday party. We are so excited to go but considering that I can't even figure out what to get Henry for HIS first birthday, figuring out what to get Miss Layla was not any easy task. On a crazy-what-the-heck-was-I-thinking whim, I went and bought fabric to make her a blanket.

Now, while that may not sound all that crazy - I've owned a sewing machine for two years now and haven't touched it once. I keep telling myself that I will and I really WANTED to - but it kind of scared me. I mean, as if there's not enough creative possibilities out there, imagine if I could learn to sew? The madness would never end!

So last night I sat down at my sewing machine and fabricated what looked nothing like a blanket for Henry out of some scrap pieces that I had picked up while I was out too. His poor blanket looks like a two year old took a needle and thread to it and just went crazy. BUT it IS functional and I was so happy to finish it last night that I made him sleep with it. (What a mean mommy, I know)

Layla's turned out SOO much better. It's still flawed but I know she'll love it -flaws and all.

I could get use to this sewing thing! 

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