Monday, August 27, 2012

Costume Hunt

Call me crazy but I've been scouring the internet on and off all day trying to decide what sort of costume I should make for Henry this year. I know it's early yet - but I want to decide now so I can start getting it put together. 

At first I thought I'd make him a lion. It doesn't really get much cuter than that and I'm fairly certain if I bought a pattern, the mane and such wouldn't be as hard to make as it first looks.

Super cute, right?

Then I thought that I really, really wanted to make him Dwight from The Office. But I'm afraid with this adorable photo floating around so much, there's bound to be a TON of Dwights this year. Plus, every time that I bring it up my husband looks at me a little crazy.

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

The only other idea that I kind of liked was this weird green hair, bugs and dirt idea. I'm not even sure what it's suppose to be. The ground? The backyard? Just dirt and grass in general? I find it cute in a weird way though. I don't see me getting Henry to sit still long enough for me to even begin to do this though.

I guess if you follow links you'll come to find  that it's suppose to be 'earth'. I'm just too lazy sometimes.

Other than these three, I'm kind of stumped. I've searched and searched and nothing really sticks out to me. I want something unique, something different and something that I can also make myself. What have you dressed your kids up as in the past? Give me some ideas, I'm dying here!


  1. I love the Dwight idea.. LOVE IT!! I like the lion, too, but I think it's common. And I think you and Henry are a little too unique for common!

    1. I soooo want to do Dwight. This is going to be The Office's last season too. It just seems fitting.


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