Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So What!

After watching Stephanie over at And Baby Makes 10 join Shannon over at Life After I 'Dew' every Wednesday to say So What to lists upon lists of things, I began to think that this may actually be a great stress-relieving activity. I mean, how often do we just want to say So What to those things that we usually beat ourselves up about? So I've finally decided to join them! So here goes, my first SWW post!

So What! if this week:

-I've yet to do the dishes. Seriously there's a sink full and I swore that I wasn't going to just throw them in the dishwasher this week because it needs cleaned and everything comes out with a nasty white film on it and wouldn't you believe that I went to the grocery today and forgot to buy cleaner for it. They'll get done... eventually.

-I was a complete jerk to a girl yesterday who was persistently trying to convince me (knowing that I'm a photog) to bring my son into the studio she works at to get a 'free 5x7'. I've worked in a studio, I know how free stuff works and I straight told her - I can take his pictures myself without getting pestered for an hour to buy crappy, uncreative photos for WAY too much money.

-I'm totally jealous of my husband right now. My brother is buying his truck and he's researching new vehicles and although I think I've convinced him to go with an SUV type vehicle of some sort instead of a new truck, I want a new vehicle. Yeah, I could sell mine but I wouldn't get a whole lot out of it and it really is a good car so it just doesn't make sense. I'll just suck it up, or pretend to anyway.

-I just put in three more requests for days off at work. Yeah, I only work a total of 20 hours a week and I did just get back from a two week vacation, but I swear everything happens when I'm suppose to be at work and I just refuse to miss everything anymore. I really just work so we can have insurance and I'm pretty much the lowest guy on the totem pole so they can learn to survive without me!

-I just noticed that like a bazillion people linked up over at 'Life After I 'Dew'' for SWW is names 'Jenn'. Okay, maybe only like 3 or 4 but seriously? That's my name!

What are you guys saying So What! to this week? Link up with all of us girls over at Life After I 'Dew' and come back next week for another week of So Whats!


  1. This is one of my favorite weekly to-do's. I really enjoy venting. And since each of us link-up, it's a judge free environment!

  2. Funny about the "everybody's name being Jenn." I work at a high school and last year there were four out of ten teachers hired named Jen or Jenny or Jennifer. Must have been a real populate name around the time you were born! Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. It was! But the funny thing is that when I was in school I swear there was only like one other girl with the name "Jennifer" and I went to a fairly large school. So it's like I'm just now having to get used to all these other Jenn's!

      I'm headed over to check out your blog now! Thanks for following Bonnie!


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