Monday, September 17, 2012

Bucket List Tuesdays

Back when Myspace was for the cool kids and  before I started blogging here on blogger, I used to do a little thing called Bucket List Tuesdays. It was so much fun and although I didn't have a lot of participants, I did get people chiming in every now and then. Well peeps, I'm bringing Bucket List Tuesdays back (Just like sexy, but with less Timberlake. Or more. Whatever. I aim to please). There's nothing I love more than reading about the dreams that people hope to accomplish and let's be honest, we all like to brag about the ones that we've been lucky enough to live out. So for the first time ever here on blogger, I bring you Bucket List Tuesdays and my first ever link up!

Here's how it works: share on your blog an item on your 'bucket list' and an item that you've been blessed enough to cross off, then come back here every Tuesday and link up with me! I can't wait to read about the awesome things you've done and the awesome things that you hope to do every week!

So without further a due; I give you our first ever Bucket List Tuesday.

On The List:

I really, really, really want another tattoo and one that means a whole heck of a lot to me. I already know what I want and where I want it, I just have to do it. I guess I'm just waiting for that exact perfect time.

Crossed Off:

I cut off and donated my very, very long hair to Locks of Love back in January. I was so proud to do it too! You can read a little bit about it if you go back and visit this blog. It took a while to get used to my shorter hair and while I enjoyed having it short for a little while, I'm kinda growing it out again now. I miss long braids and throwing it up easily in ponytails. I do know that donating your hair goes to a great cause and if you ever get the chance to do it - take it. You won't regret it.

So there are mine for this week; short and sweet! Now grab the button and go do yours!

P.S. - If you are in need of some pretty 'bucket list' photos like the ones I used, you can go here and find all kinds of pretty photos and inspiration for your bucket lists!

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  1. I love the tattoo idea! :) You are amazing for donating to locks of love, such a wonderful organization.


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