Thursday, September 13, 2012

Learn It

I've learned a couple (few, a few things) things lately.

I've learned that without a computer sitting next to my spot on the couch all day, I'm much more productive in anything and everything but what I should be. Heck, I made three hats, a scarf, slippers and started a blanket in the last week. Is the laundry done? Heck no.

I've learned that I'm less knowledgeable about history, english and pyschology than I was back in 2006 when I was still in High School.

I've also learned that telling your husband that you're willing to 'help' him do his homework ultimately means volunteering yourself to do it.

I've learned that when painting a wall chocolate brown, it takes more than one coat - even with the best of paint.

I've learned how to bobble stitch.

I've learned that while learning how to bobble stitch, you can most definitely make yourself bawl your eyes out if you start thinking about making a blanket that will undoubtedly leave your home one day when your son does.

I've learned that a medium sized dachshund does not wear a medium sized harness and you will be chasing him around the yard, screaming like a mad woman at seven in the morning if you try to force it to fit.

I've learned that cleaning house with a one year old is pointless. Ten minutes later : Hurricane Henry.

I've learned that although this blog is public and I invite other's to read it and respond to it, it really makes me nervous when I think of people I know (irl) reading it. I think it's just too personal. I think I need a disclaimer that reads: Read at your own risk. All judgement will be kept to yourself, never talked about, never acted upon and never thought of again.

Know what I mean?


  1. omg you were in HS in 2006? I'm old. lol
    I also am nervous about people IRL reading my blog. I try not to rant too much on there

    1. I sure was. I graduated in 2006. But I'm old too, just less with age and more in other things, haha.

      I try not to limit myself here, only because I want to be true to myself. I mean - this is MY space, ya know? It just makes me nervous sometimes.

  2. I completely agree with the helping your hubby with homework lol...I am waiting for that to happen when Kyle starts his masters lol.

    1. I'm telling you - I feel like I should be getting a degree in the mail right along side of his!


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