Thursday, October 25, 2012

Who Am I? - Who Do I Think I Am?

I think I've decided to go on strike against myself. I need to refocus myself and remember (and also discover) who I am away from any outside influences that push me to be someone other than my true self.

So I'm asking myself - Who Am I?

I'm on a journey to rediscover who I truly am, what makes me ticks, my strengths, weaknesses, what stresses me out and what calms me down and even how others perceive me. While on this journey, I'm encouraging you to join me because I think that we all get a little lost sometimes when it comes to ourselves. We get too wrapped up on who we think we should be, rather than who we really are, and being someone we're not, or trying to be someone we're not, can suck the life right out of us. I won't stand for that. This is my official declaration, a strike, against myself and the excuses I've carried to be someone other than who I know I am.


Who Am I? - Who Do I Think I Am?

I think in order to be successful in discovering who I really am, I have to figure out who I think I am right now. Every single one of my 'about me' sections, from this blog to my Facebook profile, says something different. Not only do they differ in small details, but they are vague and revolve mostly around the roles that I play rather than who I actually am, what I believe, what I enjoy and what makes me tick. Sure, my family does some of that for me, but they are just an extension of me - they're not me in my whole!

So today I am asking myself, who do I think I am? I think it will be great to look back in a few weeks and see if who I think I am changes as I rediscover who I really am.

So Who Do I Think I Am? - I am twenty-five, a Christian, married and with one son who is my entire world. I have two dogs, one cat and a fish. I enjoy photography, writing, creating, crocheting and spending time with my family. I live in a sleepy town where nothing (literally) ever happens and I like it that way. I am not funny at all and I think that I'm a pretty quiet person. Overall, I just love life and I try to be a positive, friendly person as much as I can.

Pretty simple! So who do you think you are? Link up with me, I'd love to read about you! I'm going to try to post at least once, if not twice a week with new ways to discover who we are!

The next post- Who Am I? - How do my roles in life affect me?


  1. I hope you are having a great Thursday....I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Award.

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  2. I love this blog as well! Looking forward to getting to know you better and our families hanging out more often:)


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