Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So What!

So What Wednesday

It's Wednesday which means it's time to link up with Shannon for another SWW! 

So What! if...

-I'm posting this at 9 p.m. Life has just been busy lately.

-I bought Henry red skinny jeans today knowing that Jeremy would absolutely hate them. He'll look stinkin' adorable in them and I can't wait to put them on him.

-There are days that I feel moments away from a break-down. I carry some heavy baggage.

-I have about 6 projects started that I need to finish and some of them I need to finish NOW because I was hoping to sell them for Easter baskets. I swear I need a full-time nanny and maid in order to get anything else accomplished anymore.

-Henry went pee on his potty every single day, some times two or three times a day for a 5 day period and now he just won't go. The kid likes to mess with my head.

-I change my mind weekly about whether or not I'd like to have a girl one day. Girls are great and all and I quite like being female myself, but I just don't see myself being a good 'girl' mom.

-I'm too hard on myself. There, I said it.

-I want to watch this week's episode of The Bachelor so bad but I'm trying to save it until Henry's nap tomorrow so I can just sit down, watch what I want to watch and relax for a couple of hours.

-I only go to Kroger when I have a handful of 'free' coupons that are about to expire. I don't know why but I hate Kroger. I'll do my shopping at Meijer, thank you.

-You do not want to get me started about my hatred for Wal-Mart.

-This SWW could go on and on and on and on. I think I'll just stop while I'm ahead.


  1. So very much agree with you about Kroger and Walmart!!! :)

    1. Ugh, I just can't stand them!! It bugs my husband that I don't like Kroger, but I swear I can't find anything and I feel like I always end up paying WAY more than if I shop elsewhere.

  2. I bet you would love being a girls mom!

    1. I might like it for awhile, but I think I would constantly stress about it when they got a little older. If they got into HALF the trouble that I got into, I would die of anxiety by the time they were 14!

  3. Oh the skinny jeans sound adorable!

  4. haha love what you said about the red skinny jeans - i felt the sake way when i bought roman his first pair of skinny jeans but my husband actually liked them a lot! however he drew the line at the jeggings i bought for asher - HAH! i also have the same fears about being a mother to a girl. amen on the being too hard on yourself. oh and i hate wal-mart as well ;)


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