Friday, March 01, 2013

365 - February

1) It's never too early to learn how to do dishes. 2) A favorite trinket box. 3) Basket-head. 4)A boy and his dog watching Daddy leave in the morning. 5) Valentine's Day photo shoot! 6) Playing with Aunt Sara. 7) Enjoying the outdoors on a warmer day. 8) New bedding! 9) Sleeping Angel. 10) My new antique hope chest. 11) Using the potty like a big boy! 12) Having lunch with the ducks. 13) Baking cupcakes. 14) My V-day dates. 15) What mom? 16) Mommy & Henry. 17) Henry & Mommy. 18) Chicago Skyline. 19) Playing with Hotwheels. 20) Passed out. 21) New haircut! 22) Asleep in Mommy's lap. 23) Mason. 24) The sun still shining as I'm leaving work. 25) Cuddling his blankies. 26) Crocheted phone cozies. 27) Dressing himself. 28) Not feeling well. =(

For the month of January I posted each individual picture, but I think most of you follow me on IG anyway so I don't want to bombard you with a ton of photos that you've already seen. If you don't follow me, you absolutely can (and should)! @jenn_ovey

Happy March!!


  1. I LOVE THIS! When I saw this on IG and you mentioned the app I downloaded it immediately. I then proceeded to play with the app for the remainder of the evening. :)

  2. Doing the dishes?! I love it, that picture is awesome. haha. Have a great weekend!

  3. Cool!! I need to mess with this app!! Great idea.


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