Monday, March 11, 2013

5 for Five

I've seen a couple of my awesome blog buddies link-up with Jenn and Jessica for this awesome idea of 5 for Five goals within a week.

I stole the whole concept description from Jessica so you could better understand what it's about!

The concept is fairly simple: 
1.) Set five goals that you want to accomplish over the next five days of the work-week.  
2.) Share your goals with all of Blogland.
3.) Power through that list during the week.
4.) Come back the next week to share you how did.
5.) Set some more goals for yourself, and repeat!

Since this is my first time linking up I don't have a list from last week to share on how I did, so I'm just going to get straight to this weeks goals!

1) Drink at least 8 cups of water a day.
2) Create a list of healthy meal ideas that both Jeremy & I will eat, and cook at least 3 of them this week.
3) Spend less than $100 this week on groceries, gas, and any other daily purchases.
4) Spend 15 minutes doing arm and ab workouts while staying under my calorie goal each day this week.
5) Deep clean and sterilize Henry's toys.

Check back in next Monday to see how I do!


  1. oh i like this idea. your goals sound awesome, i wish you luck!

  2. I like this idea. Might have to steal it sometime.


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