Wednesday, March 06, 2013

As White As Snow

Ya know... it's funny that despite the fact that I am itching for warm weather, the snow can still make me become still and awed like a young child seeing it for the very first time.

We are currently buried in 8 inches of thick, wet snow. The kind that sticks to everything and creates this beautiful winterscape that makes you wish it could remain forever - quiet, untouched and perfect. I like to think that winter is God's way of slowing us down and forcing us to appreciate the things that surround us. You don't notice each branch on every tree quite as much as you do when there is snow clinging to them, and the gentle footprints of a deer is most apparent when they're the only signs of life in your backyard. The entire world seems to become hushed, brighter and cleaner.

Today I am feeling especially blessed from this snow. It always makes me feel more at peace - and as a bonus, my husband returned home from work shortly after leaving. It's a family snow day for us and I plan on enjoying every minute of it.

Any suggestions as to what we can do today?


  1. Lovely thoughts on snow and husband BONUS! :) I think your day must consist of yummy bread bowls from Panera, sledding and hot chocolate by the fire!

  2. Wow 8 inches?!?! Enjoy your family snow day. :)

  3. Posts like this make me miss snow (just a little:). The last time I had a legit snow day I was in high school. I'd love nothing more than a random Wednesday where the hubs can't go to work because of snow!


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