Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Crazy Lady Next Door

It's almost 1:30 a.m. and I just got in from a walk/run. I only put in about 10 minutes and half a mile - so that tells you how completely WRONG my Wii is. It would take me, right now, more like an hour to finish a 5k... which makes a whole lot more sense than 20 minutes. I would have stayed out longer, but I'll tell's cold, and the abandoned grain mill across the street from us can get super creepy at this time of night.

I have to be at work at 6 a.m. Tomorrow? Today? Call it as you will. Any time I know I have to be up early, I absolutely cannot sleep. I'll be lucky if I get 2 hours of sleep tonight. It didn't help that I had my new running shoes (that I took a solid 2 hours to pick out...seriously) calling at me from the living room as I tossed and turned in bed for 3 hours telling myself that I needed to get some sleep and that my new shoes would have to wait. Men underestimate the power of new shoes on a woman though - hence why I'm up writing instead of sleeping right now.

If you follow me on IG you've already seen these pretties:

Yeah! Running shoes!
It took me forever to decide between these and the pretty blue/pink ones but I figured these will go with more and I still get my hot pink! Have I mentioned that I NEVER in my entire life have spent so much money on one pair of shoes? These were on sale for $60. On SALE for $60...SHEESH! I think the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes is maybe $45 and they were boots. These may actually be my first pair of Nike's. Ever. This is just adding to the motivation factor. I have to put good use to these excuses!

So yes, I've turned into the crazy lady next door, who at one in the morning is out running up and down the street like a mad woman. I swear I'm not crazy - just motivated!

The crazy lady next door - bedhead and all!

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  1. I think you rock!!! :) I would love to have you as the crazy lady next door. :)


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