Friday, April 26, 2013

Growing Up

Meet Levi and his girlfriend, Natalie.

Pretty cute, eh?

Levi is my little brother (one of 4) and his junior prom is this weekend. I'm seriously in disbelief that he is growing up so fast. Levi is the brother that I remember being born and dragging around with me like he was my own child. 

One time I even 'ran' away from home, packing a small bag, and well...Levi. Apparently that was all I needed to survive alone in the world!

These are just a few of the bazillion photos I took of the two of them yesterday. I haven't edited most of them yet and I don't know when I'll get around to finishing them. He'll just have to be patient and wait - I am his sister after all!

I hope he has a wonderful time this weekend. I wish I could be there on the actual day, but I think he knows I'll be thinking of him regardless.


  1. Love that last one Jenn! Great job! :) I have a little brother two and he's my best friend in the world!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! What a handsome brother you have. :)

  3. You're a great big sister!

  4. Such a sweet big sister!
    The photos are great!

  5. Fantastic pictures. What camera do you have?


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