Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Fairy Tale

Meet Tayler! I haven't been following Tayler for a very long time, so I'm still getting to know her myself, but from what I've seen and read, I'm really enjoying her blog so far! I know she'd appreciate your visit, so read a little about her and then hop on over to her little space and say hello!


Hi there! I’m Tayler from Our Fairy Tale. I started blogging as a way to open up with my feelings and practice my writing.  I started out with my thoughts and feelings on writing and books, since that is what I love, and my hope is to one day be a published author of fantasy. I play soccer and volleyball, and am currently training for a half marathon when my strained LCL allows me to. I love reading historical fiction and fantasy, and love writing it as well. I love watching anime, Once Upon a Time, Disney movies, Psych, Doctor Who, Parenthood, and Marvel movies! And I am Mormon!

I am married to the most wonderful person in the whole world: Justin Morrell. Find out how I met him and fell accidentally, but madly in love with him here. We are perfect for each other. He is stoic and rational, I am nervous and anxious. He is very sociable, I have a harder time face-to-face. I plan everything out, am on top of things, and work until everything is done, Justin sometimes needs a push to get off the video games and into his statistical analysis homework. We both love to cook and that is another difference of us. Justin doesn't believe in measuring. If I am trying a new recipe, or have been taught to cook a meal a specific way, I most definitely measure. We've had quite the interesting adventures in our kitchen!

Justin always makes me laugh!
Dw i'n siarad yn Nghymraeg. Dw i'n hoffi Cymru a theithio. Dw i'n gobethio i dychwelyd yno ryw dydd. 
I speak Welsh. I love Wales and traveling. I hope to return there someday. When I was 20, I had the chance of a life time to study the Celtic language of Welsh in Wales and Great Britain. I took immersive courses and traveled almost every day of the week to different castles, historic cities, and breath-taking place. That was 3 years ago. Ever since then, my heart and soul has ached for Wales, or just to travel in general.

I'm on the left. Liz, my archaeologist friend is center. Dawn, a social studies teaching friend, is on the right.
I teach Utah Studies and the first half of U.S. history to 7th and 8th graders. It can be a little discouraging at times, dealing with the toughest years of teenage life. But, I love all of my students and I know this is the right profession for me. I love history and exploring it with my students. Seeing their eyes pop open as they make connections, seeing them struggle with points of view other than their own, reading their thoughts and their creative stories and solutions is what keeps me going. I have my favorite students and some of them claim me as their favorite teacher. It always warms my soul to see the different drawings they give me, or the notes they leave on my wall. It's also nice when Christmas, Easter, and Teacher Appreciation Week comes along. My 8th graders have finished a project on expanding west. They wrote a travelogue diary with 5 stops. I am just about done grading it, and as soon as I am, I will be posting another installment of "Student Writings." Be on the look out! They are good! They are hilarious! 

Come on and read all about my fairy tale. After all, "Every life is a Fairy Tale written by God's Fingers." 


  1. I'm a friend of Tayler's that came over to check out her guest post. I poked about a bit on your blog, and now I'm following you.



  2. I love those guest post! :)


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