Friday, April 19, 2013

Wife Mommy Me

Sooo...I may have saved the best post for last. Why you ask? Well, it's about me! Truly though, I didn't expect it to be about me and when I read it - well, I cried. I'm a crier and Stephanie, you know how to make a girl cry! Guys, meet my cousin. She's a wife to James, a mommy to Connor, and a SAHM who just moved from here in the buckeye state to Texas, where I hear everything is bigger and better. Pay her a visit, get to know her and I promise you won't regret it! This is the last week day that I'll be gone so I'll be back Monday with a vacation recap! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Stephanie and I at her wedding - with a Henry on the way!

Hello! I'm Stephanie. You can find my little corner of internet Heaven over at Wife Mommy Me.

When I volunteered to write a guest post for Jenn, I was found myself wondering what I was going to write about. I want something worth reading and sharing on someone's blog. It took a day or so but then the idea hit me. I will write about Jenn. I mean, you are her follows and I can give you a little more insight on the girl beyond Ripples and Waves.

How do I have all this inside information? That's easy! I'm Jenn's older cousin. Jenn and I didn't have a close close relationship growing up. You've read a bit about her Mom, well... you know. Anyways. Through the years, we've kept in touch and if asked who some of my favorite family members are, I would, hand downs, without a doubt, mention Jenn. Why? Like I really need to explain. But let's!

Jenn has a heart of gold. She is one of the kindest human beings I have ever met! I think she gets that from her sweet Grandma! Who by the way is the tiniest little piece of sweetness you will ever find! Back to Jenn. She would do anything for anyone and I find that endearing since I'm not so kind. (However, we both are brutally honest. Right, Jenn?)

Nowadays it's hard to find someone who has complete faith in God and yet, Jenn does. It astounds me that no matter what she is going through, she knows that our Heavenly father will get her through. I truly envy her for this. I hope one day to have that type of faith.

I am so impressed with the amount of weight Jenn has lost! I can honestly say she gets her body type from her Mom's side of the family. I'm the smallest one and I am not small by any measure! It really is genetics! But like any goal Jenn sets for herself, I know she is is going to kickass at this one, too! Keep up the hard work, Jenn!! You will be a MIL* before you know it!

I'm sure you didn't expect a post selling you on Jenn, right? Well, she is fabulous and I'm not sure if her true beauty comes through her blog sometimes. She is a wonderful girl and not only am I lucky to be her cousin, but I'm also lucky to have her as a dear friend.

Enjoy vacation Jenn! Kiss that baby boy for me and give Jeremy a squeeze!


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.