Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Boys

I know that you know all about Henry, but there are a couple of other boys in my life that I often forget to mention.

Meet Mason, our 'oldest'.

And Cohen, our 'youngest'.

We treat them like our children because in a way, they are. Just like any other child, they each have their own little story - and I thought I would share.

Mason was my doing. While Jeremy was at work one day, I started looking for dogs for sale in our area. We weren't even allowed to own a dog where we lived, but I looked anyway. Our lease was about to be up and we were planning on moving anyway so I figured that on the off chance that I could actually find something, I'd never be able to convince Jeremy anyway.

I never wanted a dachshund myself, I am more of a big dog person, but I knew that Jeremy wanted one and I knew that if I had ANY chance of convincing him, this would be the way.

So I called a lady about her puppies and then text Jeremy to tell him that I wanted to go look at some puppies tonight and that the lady was saving the biggest boy for us (which was a lie, sorry hunny). He wasn't the happiest with me, but we went anyway, saying that we were just going to look. We all know how that works, right???

Jeremy ended up picking Mason. He was the runt of the litter and the only black and tan. We took him home that night and never had a second thought about the decision. We even named him BEFORE we got there. It was fate from the start.

Mason is grumpy, particular and a serious watch dog. If you ever visit my house, don't stick your fingers in the fence before you meet my dogs. Mason will bite you. He's also more of a 'one-person' dog. If he's curled up next to you, he has very little interest in anyone else in the house.

As watchful and protective as he can be, he has never nipped or barked or done anything to hurt Henry. I was amazed at how tolerable he became of the tugs and pulls and being rolled around on.

Once you get to know him, he's also very sweet. He loves to cuddle up next to you and he'll often curl up on the back of the couch and lay his little head on my shoulder. He's also a blanket hog. He sleeps between Jeremy and I beneath the covers every single night.

Cohen was a little more thought out, although, not really too thought out. We traded him for some photography work from the same lady that we got Mason from. We fell in love instantly with his dappled color and had to beat several people off who wanted to buy him while he was still with his mama.

Cohen is the most loving dog ever. He loves to cuddle, loves to be in your face, loves to have his stomach rubbed and LOVES Henry. Cohen is Henry's dog, hands down. The two of them aren't seen away from one another too often. Cohen never growls, never barks and never nips. I don't think the dog has a fearful or mean bone in his body. If someone were to break into our house, I think he would be at the door wagging his tail wanting to say hello while Mason tried to eat their feet off. He tends to sleep at the end of the bed, right on top of my feet, and sleeps on his back which is the funniest looking thing ever.

At first Mason wasn't so sure about having a second dog in the family, but now the two of them are best friends. During the day you'll find them playing together, napping together, or sitting on the back of the couch together looking out the window.

I know that some people don't understand the concept of loving your pets like children, but to us, these two are just an extension of our family - and we love them very much!


  1. Adorable! Cohen's colors are so unique and really beautiful. Mason has adorable ears though... I'm a sucker for a cute dog ear. :)

    1. I was SO SAD when Mason's ears started to fold and perk up instead of being floppy, but now I love them the way they are.

  2. Ahhhhh!! They are both adorable! I have puppy fever so bad, and reading this just made it worse. :)

  3. That photo of Henry and Cohen is so cute!
    I'm a big believer that fur-babies make a family complete. I couldn't imagine our house without a few four-legged children bouncing around with Marcus.

  4. I wish I could have a dog or a cat...but I'm really allergic to fur. Darn my allergies!

  5. LOVE!!! Our dachshund is our baby we love her so much.

  6. Oh my!! These are so cute!! I love their names too.


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