Friday, May 03, 2013

Vacation Recap: Funny Stories

There should be a sitcom of my life, I swear. Things happen on a daily basis that even the wildest of imaginations could not think up. Put five of us Ovenshire's in a vacation home together for a week and you'll be sure to have some funny stuff happen.

It started with me.

The night that we got to our condo, I had been driving for the majority of two days, hungry, and just ready to be in bed. We were on the 2nd floor and had taken the elevator because we had so many bags with us on this last trip down to the van. My in-laws and Henry were already in the condo relaxing, so when I walked through the front door, it didn't really surprise me to see his mom sitting in a chair reading a book. She reads ALL the time. No biggie.

Only... it wasn't Jeremy's mom. It was 11:00 p.m. and I had just opened someone's door, turned on the light and walked right in. I promptly turned right back around, pushed Jeremy away from the door and just walked away. He followed me, confused and wondering what in the world was going on, so once we were a bit of a distance away, I explained to him that that was not our room and that that woman was not his mother. He of course, just laughed.

In my tired state, I had pushed the '3' on the elevator instead of the '2'. Jeremy couldn't WAIT to tell his parents and we all had a good laugh about it. The craziest part is that I'm fairly certain that this lady had no idea that we had came in and out of her home.

Then it was Jeremy's turn. We had just ate and when I turned a corner and saw this wonderful mess::

I had to stop. It was probably 2 acres of junk piled on top of each other. I loved it! We browsed around a while, laughing and talking about how people would talk about us if we were to park one of those crazy chickens outside of our house... 'Oh! Those are the crazy folk in P-Hill with the huge chicken outside of their house!" and we laughed some more. We didn't buy anything because we thought things were priced a little on the high side, so after awhile we decided we had seen enough and packed back into the van.
Only... suddenly Jeremy had to go. And he had to go NOW.
So we all waited...and waited...and waited. When he finally got back to the van, he had this horrible sad look on his face and we all thought the worst...
He climbed back into the passenger seat and gave me a look that would break even the toughest of hearts. "That bad?" I asked him. He just shook his head and then explained to us that there was one port-a-potty, no toilet paper, and that lizards and bugs had made their homes comfortably inside of it with absolutely no fear of any humans.
We all lost it. Poor guy! We were just all glad it wasn't us.
I saved the best for last. My father-in-law is known to do some stupid and crazy things. Matter of fact, if you look through all of our vacation pictures, we're pretty sure that he changed shirts once...and even then, he went from one bright orange shirt to another. He's not a real personal guy and if you want to be a part of THIS family, you have to learn quickly to loose all ability to be embarrassed. (When Jeremy proposed and we announced it to his parents, his father's only words were 'Good, now you can wait until you get married to have sex.' Oh... thanks dad.)
So when he bought this kite at a yard sale on our way down in North Carolina, we all just sort of knowingly hung our heads as he tried to find a place for it in our already jam-packed van. But then when he pulled it out on the beach, it made such a pretty sight... and when Henry when over to his Grandpa and Grandpa so sweetly helped him to fly it, my heart melted...

It was really a pretty rare moment and I was so glad to capture it with my camera. But as we're all sitting there, Jeremy keeps yelling to him... keep your hand on it, he won't hold on for forever...
Do you think he listened?

Grandpa? Why are you chasing that kite?
The kite went flying across the beach, dragging the heavy plastic reel with it. It went up a flight of stairs, into the pool of one of the hotels along the beach, hit some guy in the head, went up over the roof of the hotel, into traffic and ended up at a gas station across the street where some guy was painting...and not too happy.
As we drove off the beach and up the street to find the gas station that he had ended up at, we all laughed so hard that we cried.


  1. Love the vacation pictures. I would also hate using a potty where bugs have made a home. :)

    Have a great Friday!

  2. I love your families ability to laugh the crazy/funny situations. You're lucky, not every family can do that!
    The pictures of Henry and his Grandpa are priceless.

  3. Ok, that kite story had me laughing so hard. And the pictures to boot...priceless. What wonderful memories you made!!


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