Thursday, June 06, 2013

New Background

Henry was still just long enough to help model a new background. I love it and I especially love it because I made it myself and it only cost me about $3.00. Win, win.

I'm thinking about painting the backside a pretty turquoise and then creating a couple more in both a completely neutral pallet and a more boyish one. I'm attempting to get that studio space set up upstairs that I've been talking about for forever now. I figure, this is the next step for me personally.

I also bought a speedlight for my camera. This is going to be a huge game changer when it comes to low-light situations and events. I can't wait for it to get here, I have a lot of learning to do!


  1. Adorable, I love the new background. :)

  2. Oh my lord. The background is cute but those jorts are ADORABLE!!!


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