Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A Horrible Night

There are some things that I need to work on in my life, to better myself and to better the life of those who are around me. One of my biggest struggles is dealing with a toddler in the middle of the night.

I didn't have issues dealing with a newborn or even a 'baby'. But once I became accustomed to just waking up long enough to move him from the crib to the bed (which happens every night) I really have no patience for a screaming fit at 2 a.m. With that being said, I will admit that last night was HORRIBLE.

I don't know what got into Henry at 2 a.m. but after I put him in bed with us, he couldn't get comfortable and instead decided to scream and kick and carry on until I finally coaxed him to sleep. No biggie except that he was laying on my arm and after an hour it was dead asleep and dying for some relief, so I carefully moved him over and rolled over so I could get some sleep myself. Within a half-hour he was screaming and kicking again so again, I coaxed him to sleep. Repeat about 3 times and by 4:30 I was exhausted, frustrated and wanting nothing more than to get some quality shut-eye. The last time that I finally rolled over and fell back to sleep, he woke up, took a big handful of my hair and pulled as hard as he could. Talk about a wake-up call! It just made him so mad that I had rolled over and he was no longer sleeping on my tired, achy arm.

You can imagine MY frustrations as well.

At this point I had to wake up Jeremy and ask him to do something with him before I lost my cool. I am really not a happy camper in the middle of the night to start with and this was just the icing on the (very exhausted) cake. If this Mama needs ONE thing, it's sleep.

Now that I've had a little bit of sleep and can look back on the night's events, I get so frustrated with myself for not having more patience. It's hard some times to be a mother, but even when the going gets tough, I want to be the kind of mother whose kids will look back and know that I tried my very best.

P.S. - What color combinations are you LOVING for this fall? I've got some super cute craft ideas in the making and I need some color inspiration!


  1. I have no advice because I struggle with the same thing! I definitely need more patience as a mother right now :/ Last night sounds horrible, I'm so sorry!

  2. :( So sorry it was a bad night. Hugs and prayers!


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