Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Today I turn twenty-six.

When I woke up this morning, my husband immediately wished me a happy birthday and then informed me that there was snow on the ground outside.

Hello winter, when did you get here?

I don't know what I will do today. I have no special plans or special requests and I honestly don't expect any kind of gifts. Jeremy and I are very low-key when it comes to celebrations. We see no point in wasting money on gifts unless it's something that we really want.

I have certain hopes and wishes for this year of my life. Many of them are small things that may seem insignificant to others but mean a great deal to me, while others are bigger and life-changing.

I can't wait.

More than anything else, I just want to find myself grateful for another year, another day, and another hour of life with my husband and son and our wonderful families.

I am embarking on yet another great journey and adventure, full of it's usual twists and turns and surprises. If there has been anything that my twenty-five years of life have taught me, it's this: life is what you make it.

I plan on making this year everything that it can be and more.


  1. Happy Birthday Jenn! I hope your day is an amazing one!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet friend! Wishing you a beautiful and amazing day!

  3. Happy birthday, Jenn!! Hope you had a spectacular day!!

  4. Hope you had an awesome bday! 26 is a great age.....wish I could have stayed that instead of getting older!

  5. *sigh* Day late and a dollar short. Story of my life. Blame this one on jury duty. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.