Thursday, January 02, 2014

2013 Recap!

I LOVE doing a yearly recap, I love looking back on the year and seeing all the we did and all the changes we made and ESPECIALLY how much Henry has changed. Looking back can also bring to light all of the things that make you so uniquely blessed and I love that! You can see my recap from 2012 here, read on for 2013's!

January 17 - We lost our cat Stinky, Jeremy's childhood cat. That poor cat put up with so, so much and as much as I hated cleaning up after him, he has been sincerely missed.

January 19 - Henry turned 18 months old. Seriously, where did the time go?!

February 17 - Jeremy, Henry and I packed up on a while and headed to Chicago for a day and night and had a blast visiting The Windy City.

March 6 - The night I stepped on a rock while running and thought I severely sprained my ankle only to find out I broke it months later. This still makes me cringe.

March 24 - My grandfather Hensley went on to be with the Lord. I was heartbroken by this news, mostly because I felt like I was robbed from someone who I should have been able to love and know more.

April 11 - We headed to Florida with the in-laws for a week's vacation.

May 28 - We had the house sided...finally!

July 19 - Henry turned TWO!

...and we had a bash of a party for him too.

September 3 - We traded the Cadillac for a mini-van that I had been wishing for since the day Henry was born.

October 3 - We replaced one of our couches with two new recliners.

October 5 - We took a mini-vacation to Michigan and visited Bronner's and The Henry Ford Museum & Village as well as visiting with family.

October 23 - I turned 26.

October 29 - Jeremy turned 31.

November - We had the gutters put on the house, completing the major overhaul on the outside of our home.

November 28 - My mother-in-law finally got to come home from the hospital after having a full hysterectomy that took care of ALL of her cancer. It was the best Thanksgiving, EVER.

December 23 - Jeremy and I celebrated five wonderful married years.


  1. What a year! :) Here is to an even better 2014. Hugs!

  2. Even just from Henry at 18 months to now he looks SO grown up! And happy 5 year anniversary!!

  3. I miss Papaw every day. March 23rd is the saddest day of 2013 for me for sure.
    Henry grew up so much this year, you know it? Until you do photo comparisons, you don't always see how much so.
    Happy New Year love!

  4. Beautiful year! God bless you sis.


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.