Monday, June 16, 2014


I need a new camera.

Okay. So maybe I don't need it. But I really, really want it.

The camera that I'm currently using is six years old. It's worn and beat up and it has served me such great purpose over these last six years. I love my camera and I may never, ever get rid of it. It is my first DSLR, my baby. I have learned and grown and been through so much with it that it's worth way more to me sentimentally than what it will ever be worth monetarily - which isn't much at this point.

But I have outgrown it. Truly - I have.

I'm having a really hard time explaining this to my husband. Although he's willing to start setting money aside for this investment, he also doesn't 'get' why a new camera will help me create better photos. He doesn't understand ISO or shutter speed or megapixels or the fact that a camera can only take so many 'clicks' before it begins to wear out.

I get that.

It's hard sometimes however to see someone go out and buy a new DSLR like it's a drop in the bucket while I have to wait and wait and wait. Although waiting will allow me more appreciation and more excitement when the time finally comes, it's still hard.

Anyway - here's a few photos captured with my beloved camera lately. Photos that I love. Photos that I can create even with a camera that is 'old and outdated'. Although I am waiting, I am still so extremely blessed.

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  1. I'm about to purchase my very first DSLR at the end of this month! It took me this whole year so far to put money aside each paycheck for it!

  2. Based on these pictures you SO don't need a new camera! But I get it, I've wanted something better for a year now but just can't pull myself to drop that much $$ on one!

  3. I feel the exact same way. Not necessarily with a camera, but many things in life.
    Your pictures are always amazing. Looking at them one would *never* know that your camera is "old".

  4. These are amazing photos, I don't think you need a new one.

  5. that second photo is AMAZING! so precious! i can totally relate to the camera "lust" factor but also making the best of whatever i have!


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