Monday, July 14, 2014

Potty & Chore Chart

Henry has had a bit of an 'obsession' with money lately. Every time we go into a store he insists that he pay for everything and he will jump at any chance to earn a penny.

I figured I would use this towards my advantage and come up with a creative way to combine chores and earning money in an organized way.

Welcome the potty & chore chart!

We bought a piece of foam paper, broke out the finger paints, and decided to create a sticker chart that would allow Henry to earn stickers towards money for good behavior, chores, and going on the potty (which he isn't doing, don't let me fool you).

Every 3 stickers earns him a quarter and he can earn stickers lots of ways: 1 sticker for going #1 on the potty, 2 for going #2, 1 for putting away his toys or clothes, 2 for listening well when out and about, etc...

So far it has worked really, really well. Well...except for the potty part. We've realized that he is just not going to budge on this subject until he's 100% ready.

Making it was only half the fun and now Henry is thrilled every time we mention earning a sticker! I'm hoping this will be a great tool for learning new things like picking up after himself and chores now and in the future.

Do you have any fun ways to encourage your kids to do the same? How old do you think is 'old enough' to do chores around the house?

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  1. We JUST started our own sticker chart, too. I think after this I'm going to do a jar and fill it with marbles/rocks every time he does something good. Then he picks the reward once it's full. :)

  2. I'm loving this idea. There are a lot of things Marcus can (and does) help with, and an incentive chart would be great to incorporate more things.

  3. We tried this with a calendar briefly but it wasn't working….I would like to go back to it but Gunner seemed to only be able to handle one chore….If I gave more than one we all ended up being frustrate. Thanks for posting this, I may need to go back to it! His responsibility was picking up dirty clothes.


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.