Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Sometimes life gives you lemons.

We've all heard that, right? "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." I'm sorry to break this to whoever came up with the phrase, but you need a lot more than lemons to make good lemonade. Otherwise, you're just going to be choking down sour lemon water.

I haven't blogged in a good while. I haven't blogged because life has been throwing me lemons, and while, I don't mind sharing those lemons, I hate when someone thinks they have to pick up a slice and get a bite themselves just to relate.

I don't want to share the bitterness, I just want to work through it and come out stronger on the other side. These lemons just keep coming, however, and I think it's due time to share a bit.

{Lemon #1}
My entire family is mad at me because my brother is getting married (spur of the moment) this weekend and I can't get off of work. Also, apparently I'm mean, selfish, and a complete bitch (thanks mom) and my brother thinks that I want nothing to do with any of them so therefore he didn't even tell me - had to hear through the grapevine, as usual.

{Lemon #2}
Henry has been an awful, needy, demanding handful since being sick. While he was sick (and sick he was - horribly, horribly sick) we waited on him hand and foot. When he said jump we said 'how high' simply because he was miserable and we were miserable and we wanted to do ANYTHING to make him feel better. Now that he's well again he's been expecting the same treatment and it has been quite the challenge to try to break this demanding, give-me, behavior.

{Lemon #3}
Jeremy and I have hit a rough spot - and by 'rough spot' I mean I don't know if we're going to survive this. Sad but true. We're working on it because that's all we can do. We haven't told anyone so I would appreciate any of you that know me outside of this blogging world to keep it to yourself and just pray for us. This lemon alone is enough to drag you down day after day.

So there you are, my current big lemons - the ones that keep pelting me on the head and reminding me that I've been long out of sugar.

Tell me, how have you guys been? I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep up with your blogs. One day I'll be a good blogging friend - I promise!

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  1. You are such a strong strong person. I know that life is kicking you right now but if ANYONE has it in them to make things better, it's you. I'll be praying for you, Jeremy and Henry. You know I'm here for you.

    And PS... some nerve your Mom has. #seriously It's like NOW she wants to play the role of Mom of the Year. Thanks but no thanks.

  2. Jenn, I've wondered where you've been. I'm so sorry to hear you've been handed so many lemons lately.
    Since "getting to know you" through this blog you've shown time and again how strong you are, how resilient you are, and how trusting in the Lord you are. There is no doubt you will find a heaping pile of sugar and make the most glorious lemonade.
    Until that lemonade is made I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
    Hugs to you.

  3. First of all praying for you and your close family and extended family. I knew when your blogging slowed down something was up!

    Secondly, I don't understand why when it rains it pours, but it does…..I know there has to be better days ahead!


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.