Sunday, January 04, 2015

My One Little Word {{2015}}

This will be my third year participating in the 'one little word' challenge. Last year my word was 'purpose' and I tried to focusing on finding the purpose of all aspects of my life. It was truly eye opening and I can truly say I grew from the experience. You can still see some of my posts focusing around that one word at the top of this page (at least until I update it).
I had a really hard time picking a word for this year. I thought and thought on what I wanted to focus on but nothing just seemed to fit.
I finally just decided to pick one. Out of all the different words I wrote and thought about, I decided I would just close my eyes and randomly point because really, they were all really good. I would grow from focusing on any of them in numerous ways.
It was fitting that my finger landed here, on this little word
Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath, gather our wits, and plunge in head first.
This year I'm going to focus on being brave - what it means, what it feels like, and how I can incorporate it into my life.
Did you pick one little word for 2015? If so, what was it? I'd love to know!
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  1. What a great word!!! I wish I was dedicated enough to focus on a word! :)

  2. That is a fantastic word!!! :)


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