Monday, February 01, 2010

::Perfectly Flawed::

"It's the same doubt, the same dream; it's the same sabotage 'cos I'm the enemy. It's the same night, same day; it's the same parasite, feeding on the betrayed." - Otep

I finally got around to finishing Stephaine Meyer's 'The Host' today. I have to admit that I absolutely loved it. At first I was iffy, it didn't seem quite as addicting as Twilight and for some reason I totally expected it to be. It was however, just as powerful and just as insightful in the end. Things never went quite how I expected them to and of course, that is what makes you continue flipping pages in a book...the excitement of what could happen next.

I want to buy it. I want to own a copy of it and set it on my bookshelf next to my 'Twilight' series. Stephaine Meyer's is one of those authors who I want to say one day, "Oh yeah, I own every last one of her books". Just like John Green, another favorite of mine. I lack in this commitment. I own my favorite of John Green's books but I am still missing two. One out of three isn't so bad, is it? I do however own every last one of the Twilight books and I will never, ever, let them get away.

There's something about a good book that you never want to give up. Although most of the time, I never pick up a book twice, I feel like having it there in my collection is important.

I love the lyrics I posted from Otep more today than what I ever have before. They fit so well with 'The Host'. I got to thinking about it all, the meaning behind the story...and I really wish I could be more like the alien parasite that 'Wanda' was in the story. I wish I could say that I was so self-giving that I would never second guess giving up my life for someone that I barely knew but had came to love. Even if that meant giving up my only chance for love myself. Even if that meant being a traitor, being hated by my own kind and giving up all that I had fought for.

My husband would have liked the story. It had a happy ending. He makes me smile...when I think about how silly he is when it comes down to movies. There's a lot deep about my husband but when it comes to life, he's awfully shallow. He likes to throw rocks into the pond and hope that they float instead of sink so that he doesn't have to guess where they've gone. He doesn't like the 'make you think' movies that I adore. He'd rather sit down to a comedy or a heart-felt family friendly movie and just smile and laugh. I don't mind really. I can save the deep movies for myself when I can watch and reflect and cry along with them privately.

So all and all, I think that Stephaine Meyers is quite the author and I will be adding her to my personal 'favorites' list right next to John Green and Anne Rice. Eventually I will add more, but that will take time. I won't settle for authors who I just like, they have to be adored, cherished in some deep, dark corner in my heart.

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  1. I really liked the Host as well. She is a good author. I hope to see more from her soon.


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