Friday, July 01, 2011


I'm not sure what's more frustrating:

Waiting on a phone call you never receive.
Calling the doctor and being told they'd call you back never to hear from them...twice.
Or, finally getting an answer that really answers nothing.

I'm sorry but telling me, 'We do have your test results Jennifer and I'd love to discuss them with you but unfortunately I can't do so until the doctor signs off on them and he's so behind on paperwork that I doubt he'll get to it before Tuesday.' does not help ease my mind one bit!

Ugh, I know he's busy and I know I'm being impatient but every day that passes with me not knowing what's going on is another day that I'm going crazy wondering. Not to mention being so itchy that I'm driving everyone around me nuts. I guess when it comes to the health of my unborn baby, I feel as if time is of the essence and waiting over a week for test results seems a bit excessive. But...that's just me.

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