Monday, August 15, 2011

A Month Too Soon

I am in absolute disbelief that Henry will be an entire month old tomorrow. Where does the time go?? He has changed and grown so much right before my eyes and if one does not believe in God, I would think it would take nothing more than to watch a little child to see that we are surrounded by Him and His miracles.

I've learned a few things in this last month:

-It's almost impossible to plan to go somewhere and actually be on time.
-Yes, you can go through 100 diapers in one week.
-Spit up is every shirt's new accessory.
-Sleeping is totally overrated.
-Most advice is better taken through one ear and out the other.
-Routines are life-savers.
-Tiny smiles can stop the entire world for a minute.
-Lots of things can be done one handed.
-Most men are terrified of babies.
-If left where the dog can reach them, a box of dirty diapers can make quite the mess...
-Glow Worms named "Charles" can soon become your best friend.
-Food, like sleep, is totally overrated.
-Pumping breast milk is a job in itself.
-Chores are meant to go undone.
-Family will bribe you with just about anything if you'll bring the baby over.

-Love takes a new meaning while life...well, it will never be the same.

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