Thursday, August 04, 2011

One Queen Size Bed

I respect the opinions and insight of doctors and nurses who have spent so much time studying and researching medicine and such but sometimes I just have to disagree with them. I dread the 'sleep' talk every time I take Henry to the doctor. I have been reminded at least 15 times since he was born that he should sleep 'alone, in a crib, on his back'. Which, most of the time...he does. But I find no fault or shame in admitting that at times he also sleeps with me, held close where I can hear him breath and feel him move.

I understand the reasoning of him sleeping alone. I understand it reduces the risk of SIDS and that clearly, if he's not in bed with us, then he's not at risk that someone will roll over on him or suffocate due to extra blankets and pillows being around. But quite honestly, if the child so much as blinks, I wake up. If Jeremy barely stirs, I wake up. I feel as if my son is not at risk when he's sleeping with me, although I'm sure others would argue otherwise.

I find that the both of us sleep better when we sleep together. On average he'll sleep an hour longer between feedings and I'm not constantly waking up and checking on him in his crib. At this point an extra hour and a more restful sleep makes all the difference in the world, especially since I am still defiant against taking naps during the day.

Overall, I find that there's a special connection between a mother and their child and co-sleeping just enhances that connection. I understand that it's not for everyone and that there are many circumstances where a child is so much safer sleeping alone than with his parents. I just hate that look and feeling as if I'm doing something wrong when I admit that he does at times sleep with me. It's a lecture every time but I refuse to lie. He's my child and I would never do anything to hurt him, we all have our own ways of parenting and this is just one of mine.

I love waking up and his little face being right next to mine. The only problem is, our one queen size bed is feeling kind of small with two adults, a baby, a dog and a cat sleeping in it every night.

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  1. i know what you mean about dreading the sleep conversation with the pediatrician! our 3 year old has always co-slept with us, we are now transitioning him into his own bed since we have a newborn. at his last pediatrician appointment, the nurse practicioner told me that we had "waited way too long" to put him in his own bed. and she actually laughed about it! so, so frustrating. i don't feel like our son's sleeping arrangements are any of her concern!


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