Friday, October 21, 2011

You Are Beautiful My Sweet, Sweet Song

My husband has a friend that's about knee deep in the Christian music world. He used to be in his own band, The Dizmas, who made it pretty well on the west coast but after all the guys got a bit older, they split and went their separate ways. On good terms and for good reasons, of course. He's a drummer.

He played for Superchick for a while and then Beneath the Golden the State. Both times we were blessed enough to receive a call from him while he was in the area, offering us a free concert. We're always more than happy to oblige.

Wednesday night he called and asked us if we'd like to see Third Day the next night. Of course I was all over it and knowing that Tenth Avenue North was playing with them made me even more excited to go. He's now working with Third Day, although he's not in the band but instead working in their headquarters in Nashville.

Honestly, I needed a little bit of time out with Jeremy just to enjoy myself. I haven't been separated from Henry except to work since he was born. I struggle with guilt when I am apart from him. I feel like a mother should be home with their child as much as possible and leaving him to go have fun is hard for me to do, even if it's okay from time to time.

We had a great time really. I always enjoy Christian concerts. Not only do you enjoy the music but there's always a sweet spirit, a moving when the room around you cheers and rejoices in knowing that our Father is King. When the music stops playing and the voices come together in soft worship, you can feel the presence of God as if He's standing beside you. I feel blessed to be included in such amazing grace. God is so good, so loving. It was the very least I could do when I dedicated my life to Him.

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