Saturday, November 26, 2011

This Week

This week I vow to get many things done!

I vow to get at least 2 more Christmas presents bought.
I vow to finish and mail all of my crochet orders.
I vow to take Henry's four month pictures...or at least the one in the chair.
I vow to also find him a Christmas outfit, as the dinner is Sunday.
I vow to find some awesome wrapping paper and start wrapping gifts.
I vow to print all of my pictures from the last month.
I vow to scrub the bathroom floor, kitchen cabinets and windows.

I vow to let myself slide on that last vow a bit.

I vow to start Henry on a better schedule, even if I have to get up way to early everyday.
I vow to make at least two more patches of baby food, I'm sure he's getting sick of cereal, peas and sweet potatoes.
I vow to do my best to capture Henry's little laugh on video camera.
I vow to spend everyday playing, cuddling and learning with my little man as much as possible.

(Hey, you can get a lot done in nap time!)

I vow not to complain that I'm tired, my body aches, my head hurts or again, I'm tired... even if I am. It's Christmas time!

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