Monday, February 20, 2012

Seven Months

A 7 months old Henry...

...has two front teeth that can visibly be seen every time he smiles.
...talks and screams and giggles and is very, very loud (pretty much all of the time).
...sits up on his own and absolutely hates laying down. on the move and (almost) crawling both forward and backwards.
...favorite toys are his crawling ball, his music board and his books.
...eats like a horse.
...knows his name.
...knows the word 'no' and finds it funny. still very attached to his Mama.
...laughs at just about everything but especially the dog.
...loves playing peek-a-boo.
...steals every remote and cell phone that's within reach.
...grabs at everything.
...rides in the shopping cart, his big boy car seat and the stroller with no issues at all.
...keeps changing and growing right before our eyes so quickly that we can hardly stand it.


  1. He looks like he has so much more hair in this picture then in previous ones. He is the cutest little fella!


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