Thursday, March 15, 2012


It has been so pretty out the last few days, so warm and sunny and just plain nice that I've lacked motivation and yet found motivation differently every day. I have definitely lacked in blogging. Usually I blog like crazy; it's my outlet. But this week I've had other outlets: cool grass and a cool breeze, warm sunshine, bare feet and even a little fishing. It's the freshest breath of air and one that was sincerely needed. With so much happening in our lives right now, I've been stressed to the max. I've been moody and tired and depressed and wanting to do nothing but be. Sometimes it's a good thing to just be but I needed to get out of that slump. I needed to want to excel and move and enjoy life while being. Now if things will just continue as planned...

if we are handed the keys to our house in the next few days.
if my brother arrives on time.
if work isn't too difficult this weekend.
if I can find time to finish packing and cleaning without it getting to stressful.
if Henry will cooperate with it all.

if it all goes according to planned, I think I'll be good. I think I can say I'll be out of my little slump for good and move on to bigger and better things for the time being. I'm excited for this new chapter in our lives. I guess I just feel like it's been a long journey getting there.

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