Monday, March 12, 2012

Prayer Requests

1) My brother Brandon is traveling home from Afghanistan (today? tomorrow? two days from now?) sometime this week. His travel was delayed (he said weather, I think it was due to the civilian deaths that took place there this week) and so we're all left in a sort of limbo at the moment as to when the actual date will be. Just pray that he arrives home safely and that this little leave will be a pleasing and relaxing experience for him. I can't wait for him to see Henry. The last day he saw him he was two hours old. My how he's grown!!

2) We were given word yesterday that the previous owners of our home will be out and ready to hand over our key by this coming weekend. This was disheartening to me when we talked to them yesterday because they were supposed to be out yesterday. But, we know that the circumstances that delayed their move could not have been helped and we were honestly expecting them to need an extra week or so so I can't be to disappointed. However, please pray that things will go smoothly for them this week, that I will find some time to do a little packing and organizing myself, and we will be able to start moving in when they said we will. We were really hoping to be able to go in and paint and clean and move a little at a time and still be out of our apartment completely by the end of March so we don't have to pay another months rent. I guess at this point we're still playing it by ear... yes, more limbo.

3) My third request is kind of an unspoken one. Jeremy and I are in a limbo of sorts ourselves right now. I keep being told 'no' by means that I should accept but I keep getting this nagging feeling that that 'no' should be a 'yes' because it's all so unusual. Anyway. Just say a little prayer that we'll get a clean answer soon. It's driving me crazy being stuck in all these unknowns.

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  1. I hear ya!! Your always in my thoughts so this is an ez request :) say a lil one for Ethan and me too!!


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